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Finding a Cheap xBox 360

Any gamer whether dedicated or casual wants the latest system to enjoy games on. In today’s market, the current generation of major systems are all very expensive. If you’re upgrading to the Xbox 360 from a previous generation system, or just adding it as a second current gaming platform, it helps to find one as cheap as possible.

The first thing to know when looking for a cheap Xbox 360 is that there are different versions of the machine. The three current packages available are the Elite, Standard, and Arcade. The Arcade model is a stripped down, bare bones version good for gamers on a budget. It may not have all of the features of the pricier models, but will suit most casual players looking for a cheap Xbox 360.

Your second option for finding a cheap Xbox 360 is looking for a used system. Online auction sites such as Ebay are great for finding bargains. There are also a number of major video game retailers that sell used and refurbished systems. Check out your local Electronics Boutique or Game Stop for a previously played machine. These might be more expensive than Ebay, but they do usually offer some type of guarantee that your system will work properly. You may also be able to get a cheap Xbox 360 at these stores by trading in your old games and systems that you don’t play anymore. Many stores offer credits or even pay you cash that you can use towards the new system.

Another way to score that cheap Xbox 360 is to search for contests. Be on the look out at your favorite stores and game retailers. Searching online is a simple way to find contests and other offers for a free or cheap Xbox 360. The internet also provides an easy way to search for wholesale suppliers. If all else fails, you can share the cost with your relatives or roommates.

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